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Random from Transformers







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Food punishment !! "v" I need my coffee ...

Need Fuud !!

Anime: Blood Blockade Battlefront :heart: :heart: :heart:


A friend of mine on steam -> Aviaи made a gif of the comic I made! XD
Here's the comic -->


Don't forget to say hi to my tumblr!

Will upload work in progress posts and other sketches there.
Might upload other fun things in the future.
So I found this post on tumblr and I thought I'd share it with you guys.

Here it is:…

This works with Manga studio as well but there you have to go to, Window > Canvas > New Window.
It will open up a new window of the same file that you're working on and it will update as you progress with your work.
  • Mood: Optimism
  • Listening to: My awesome list on spotify !!
  • Reading: I don't read ...
  • Watching: YouTubes
  • Playing: HoTs, Diablo III, Warcraft III
  • Eating: Sandwiches
  • Drinking: Coffee !! XD
Got tagged by: Meta-Cell

Here are the rules:
You have to post these rules!!!!
2) Each person has to share 13 things about themselves
3)Answer the 13 questions
4) Choose 13 people
5) You have to legitimately tag 13 people
6) You can't say "I don't do Tags."
7) Tag backs are allowed
8)YOU MUST MAKE A JOURNAL ENTRY. NO COMMENTS. Unless you're commenting about the actual entry.
9)You have to finish this within the week. If not; you'll have to do whatever the creator tells you to Art ,rp,etc.
10) Be creative with the title. No " Iv Got Tagged!"
11) Cussing Is Not Allowed. 

13 Things About Me:
1. I'm a coffee addict. (no tea for me, I can't stand that stuff)
2. I'm a huuuuge Dragon Ball fan. Ever since I first watched it as a kid and read all the manga.
3. I'm a gamer so I play lots of games. Here's my Raptr profile: (Jinxtart is my gaming name and Maxed is my artist name)
4. I'm a fan of anthropomorphic characters but I'm not a furry.
5. I'm an atheist, meaning I don't believe in anything ...
6. I don't smoke, that stuff is bad for you not to mention for everyone around you while you're smoking.
7. I can't sleep unless I'm really tired.
8. It's very hard for me to ever get angry or irritated. (so I'm usually very chill)
9. I don't understand blind hate or blind love and I've never been in love or hated anyone.
10. I'm pretty boyish in personalty.
11. I'm Swedish but I'm also part German.
12. I've always had a thing for reptiles/monsters/dragons and robots/heavy armor/aliens.
13. I'm actually an alien from outer space with a strange caffeine addiction that got bitten by a vampire but then later cured by science !!

Meta-cells Questions:
1. What games do you play?
Mostly Action, Shooters and Role-play games. (all the games I've played are on my Raptor page, games that I played before I joined are not included)
2. Favorite food?
Oooohhh, hummm ... Oven Pancake with bacon is probably my fav but Swedish falukorv is a close second. (combining the two is super delich too !! ^_^)
3. Morning or night person?
Night person. I can't sleep during the night.
4. Ponies?
Ummm, I have nothing against it but I don't like it either.
5. Are you capable of watching/playing horror?
Dead Space is one of my favorite games actually. But I like psychological horror above shock horror.
6. How many fandoms are you in?
Do you mean the stuff I'm a fan of or the stuff I've created fan stuff of? If so It's only Transformers so far. But I'm a fan of ... a lot more. I'd like to create OCs in Dragon Ball and in Blood Blockade Battlefront. But besides that I'm a fan of many, many, many other animes, mangas, movies, cartoons, comics and games. Here's my manga/anime lists:…
7. Do you have any pets?
I used to, but then I got allergic to them. So unfortunately not.
8. Tidy or messy room?
Oh it's a mess! It's like a battlefield. I got 3 piles of laundry too, dirty laundry, almost dirty but still good too wear laundry and clean laundry that I'm too lazy to put away ... But don't worry, I had a cleaning spree a while ago ...
9. Stupidest thing you've done?
hummm ... I can't think of anything actually ... :l I forgot to put back the milk once.
10. What's the craziest thing you've done?
Ummm ... In real life? I have a pretty boring life ^^;
11. Do you/have you talked to yourself?
Yes, all the time actually ... Is that a bad thing?
12. How nerdy/geeky would you say you are?
From a scale of 1 to 10? ... I'd saaay I'm aaan ... 11, yeah.
13. Doctor....Who?
Who? I have a phobia for doctors.

MaXedCats Questions:
1. Favorite anime/cartoon?
2. Favorite manga/comic book?
3. What's your biggest fear?
4. Got any favorite foods/drinks? :P
5. What about games?
6. Do you watch a lot of YouTube? Favorite channel?
7. DC or Marvel or just NO ! XD
8. Coffee or Tea?
9. Favorite movie and genre? :D
10. Are you a dog or a cat person?
11. What's your best quality?
12. What's your worst quality?
13. Water, Wind, Fire or Earth?

I will Tag:
(totally up to you if you wanna make it or not, I won't demand anything so just ignore it if you don't wanna do it.)

1. :iconmslilly: 2. :iconcastleaether: 3. :iconwilkart: 4. :icontonbo-kun: 5. :iconmegamatt13:
6. :iconxghostwriterx: 7. :iconmediziner: 8. :iconsamestio: 9. :icondsh90: 10. :iconhansoui:
11. :iconweoroth: 12. :iconkaldesh-ral: 13. :iconconstellationcat117:
  • Mood: Neutral
  • Listening to: Random wub wub steps ...
  • Reading: I don't read ...
  • Watching: Blood Blockade Battlefront !!! So good !! XD XD
  • Playing: AudioSurf2, GuildWars2, Metal Gear Rising R
  • Eating: Delicious, Delicious Coffeh ... =w=
  • Drinking: SOOOODA !! XD
I started live streaming if anyone feels like watching it's over at:


tumblr by RRRAI Tumblr
youtube by RRRAI YouTube
myanimelist by RRRAI My Anime List
  • Mood: Neutral
  • Listening to: Random wub wub steps ...
  • Reading: I don't read ...
  • Watching: YouTube
  • Playing: Final Fantasy 14, Heroes of the Storm
  • Eating: Mincemeat sauce with pasta
  • Drinking: Delicious, Delicious Coffeh ... =w=
So I've had people ask me for commissions and I've been thinking a lot about it and I think I've come up with a reasonable price. I'm still very new to commissions but I hope to be doing them more professionally in the future. As I get more comfortable the price for the commissions will change. But I thought this would be a good starting point.

I prefer PayPal as a payment method but if points is the only way you can pay I can take that as well.

.: Rules :.

:bulletorange: Do not send me any money unless you know I've accepted your commission.
:bulletorange: Don't forget to write your DA name in the PayPal! (Do NOT send payment as gift!)
:bulletorange: You can NOT resell the drawings I make for you!
Copyright and ownership of the drawing remains with me.
:bulletorange: Any art I make I have the right to use.
:bulletorange: You can use the art you buy from me for personal use.
Such as re uploading to your page/other site etc. But link back to me if you do so.

.: YES :.

:bulletorange: I can draw mostly anything.
But please take a look through my gallery to see what I'm actually good at.
:bulletorange: I do draw OCs and FanArt drawings.
:bulletorange: Same gender relations such as Yaoi and Yuri is fine.

.: NO :.

:bulletorange: I will NOT draw 18+ art or any kind of pornographic art for you.
How ever fluff is fine, like innocent kissing or hugging.
:bulletorange: I do NOT draw OC x Canon fluff.
Normal interactions are fine.

.: Commissions and Prices :.

Flat colors = 5$ or 500p
Cell Shaded = 10$ or 1000p

Half Body:
Flat colors = 10$ or 1000p (detailed BG + 1$ or 100p)
Cell Shaded = 15$ or 1500p (detailed BG + 3$ or 300p)

Full Body:
Flat colors = 15$ or 1500p (detailed BG + 3$ or 300p)
Cell Shaded = 20$ or 2000p (detailed BG + 5$ or 500p)

Account Icon:
Cell Shaded = 5$ or 500p

Flat colors = 10$ or 1000p
Cell Shaded = 15$ or 1500p
Pixel Art = 20$ or 2000p

Bust: (head and a some chest) Half body: (from head to hips) Full body: (from head to feet)
Account Icon: (square, detailed deviation of the head) DA ID: (full body, simple deviation with stats and portrait)

+ Character is 80% on Half body and Full body drawings.

As for point commissions, just add 2 zeros to the sheet to get the price in points e.g. 5$ = 500 points.
I'll add a DA commission widget for you once I've accepted your commission.

       Flat Colors: Half Body with BG
       Cell Shaded:  Half Body, Full Body2x Full Body
   Account Icon: [Link]
              DA ID: Pixel Art

.: Ordering the Commission :.

Send me a DeviantArt Note or E-mail containing:
What kind of commission you want, the poseing and mood.
A detailed description of your character; the more I know about them the easier it will be for me to draw them correctly.


Other kinds of commissions can be requested and discussed.


tumblr by RRRAI Tumblr
youtube by RRRAI YouTube
myanimelist by RRRAI My Anime List
  • Mood: Optimism
  • Listening to: My Awesome Playlist
  • Reading: I don't read ...
  • Watching: Dragon Ball Z
  • Playing: Cities SkyLine, Sims4, Warframe and DMC3
  • Eating: Delicious, Delicious Coffeh ... =w=
  • Drinking: SODAAA !!! ^o^

.: Queue List :.

What these mean:

:bulletblue: = Their part is not done yet
:bulletgreen: = Their part is done
:bulletyellow: = Payed Commission
:bulletwhite: = Not Payed Yet

Collaboration Queue:

:bulletgreen:Progress Bar Green 3 by deenji [Shading] (x2 HB-Cell Fan Art)
Lars Johansson
:bulletblue:Progress Bar Blank by deenji [Sketching] (Line Art)

Art Trade Queue:

Commission Queue:

:bulletyellow:Progress Bar Orange 2 by deenji [Inking] (FB-Flat OC Art)
:bulletyellow:Progress Bar Orange 2 by deenji [Inking] (Pixel ID OC Art)
:bulletwhite:Progress Bar Blank by deenji [On Hold] (Tattoo design)

Prize Queue:

Bust Batch 2
Progress Bar Blank by deenji [Sketching] (Flat Color)

Stuff I use:

Manga Studio
The Gimp2
Paint tool Sai

Pen and ink



There are currently no active polls.

Press the +deviantWATCH button on this page to get notified about new polls!


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- Rh1n0x.
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